Born & raised in Oklahoma, we tied the knot, quickly transplanted our happy selves to sunny Honolulu.  Suddenly, we realized just how much we missed attending college sporting events and all the pomp & circumstance surrounding our beloved college towns. We made a little t-shirt to tell the world just out we felt...and things just took off from there!

     When we are not knee deep in our own full-time jobs, you can find us filling t-shirt orders out of our garage, being lazy at the beach with our daughter, golfing, surfing, and watching college sports on our outdoor lanai...usually over homemade pancakes & crispy bacon.  Being way out here in Hawaii, we watch most sporting events early in the morning.  It's a little bizarre, but it forces you to get outside the rest of the day. 

     Hawaii is full of "islanded" alums who desperately miss their college town gameday festivities.  Instead you will find them tailgating under tiki huts, hitting up local bars at 6 a.m., and watching the game on their iphone from the beach. We realized there are loyal alums all over the world who are similarly "islanded" from their beloved alma mater & college town festivities....we just help them wear their heart on their sleeve, literally. Aloha!

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